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8/7/2013 - 8/7/2025
Centerpieces for your next special occasion.
At Waldor Orchids, we know how important the flower arrangements for your next special event are to you. We can provide plants or centerpieces for your next special occasion.

Upcoming Shows

2/28/2015 - 3/8/2015
2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

3/13/2015 - 3/14/2015
Waldor Orchids Post Flower Show Sale

4/24/2015 - 4/26/2015
SEPOS International Orchid Show 2015

5/29/2015 - 5/31/2015
2013 Long Island Orchid Festival
(Waldor Orchids Will NOT be in attendance)

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Waldor Price: $17.95
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Waldor Price: $9.00
BotaniWipe (patent pending) is biodegradable, disposable, non-toxic plant wipe that is safe and easy to use by anyone.
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Waldor Price: $24.95
An excellent clone of a primary hybrid. Mini vandaceous plants with ten to twenty delightful jasmine-like fragrance blue flowers emerge several times a year.Blooming size plant in a 4" pot.
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Waldor Price: $29.95
Crisp white, well shaped, fragrant flowers with a thick substance are produced on this stocky plant. Flower has a gorgeous yellow lip. Blooming size plant in a 4" pot
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Waldor Price: $34.95
Huge lavender flowers with darker purple in the lip with yellow in the throat that has a wonderful fragrance.Blooming size plant in a 5" pot.
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Waldor Price: $44.95
This classical large lavender hybrid Cattleya is blooming size. With a great spicy, cinnamon fragrance.