Current Promotions

8/7/2013 - 8/7/2025
Centerpieces for your next special occasion.
At Waldor Orchids, we know how important the flower arrangements for your next special event are to you. We can provide plants or centerpieces for your next special occasion.

Upcoming Shows

5/8/2015 - 5/9/2015
Spring Open House Lecture Series
You are welcome to attend just one, two or all three talks. They will start at 10AM, with a second talk following at 11AM. There will be a short intermission, and then the last talk will be at 1PM, followed with time to visit our greenhouses.

5/15/2015 - 5/17/2015
18th Annual Redland International Orchid Festival
Please contact us by 5/10 for a list of stud divisions we will be bringing to the show.

5/29/2015 - 5/31/2015
2013 Long Island Orchid Festival
(Waldor Orchids Will NOT be in attendance)

Featured Products

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Waldor Price: $45.95
The flowers are a celery green color that are sweetly fragrant and have a frilly lip edging from the digbyana in the parenting. Blooming Size
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Waldor Price: $17.95
Trunk Pot for Orchids and Other Small Plants
Hot Products
Waldor Price: $0.00
These will help you support your plants and minimize the chance of breakage or creases in the stems.
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Waldor Price: $1.00
4 1/2" Plastic Standard Pot
Hot Products
Waldor Price: $2.00
8" Clay Standard Pot
Hot Products
Waldor Price: $24.95
Blooms for us twice a year with citrusy sweet fragrant, green, waxy, long lasting flowers.